Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update: Internship and Call Center.

Wow, I haven't posted anything for a full month! However, this is one of the rare times I'm fully available to write a few sets of words! Even so, I want to keep this blog running.. if only I have a few hours to burn.

So anyway, what's up with me? Life has been going wayyy TOO FAST for me right now. I am racing to graduate this year, with only a few units left, which is equal to about 4 more months in College if things go really well. Aside from that, I am an intern at a mental hospital in Mandaluyong thrice a week administering psychological tests and interviewing patients. This week I'm assigned to the Forensic Pavilion, where patients with criminal cases reside. So yeah, good luck to me.

Also another addition to my already hectic life is I work nights at a Call Center specializing in selling after market car parts to customers. Right now, I'm going from 12MN-9AM. Then I got class at 7.30 or 9AM the following morning. So go figure how I'm juggling those things. Haha!

Well, this is just an update. Next post, I'm gonna write about how I got accepted for the job. The good life is not just about partying, good food, awesome acquaintances, or traveling, it's also about figuring out a way to get money and live the good life. It's also about working hard and not just expect money to come your way through your parents or borrowing money. You have to do something which is a product of your dedication and determination, that is either working hard, being good at handling money, or putting up your own business.

Much Love,