Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update: Internship and Call Center.

Wow, I haven't posted anything for a full month! However, this is one of the rare times I'm fully available to write a few sets of words! Even so, I want to keep this blog running.. if only I have a few hours to burn.

So anyway, what's up with me? Life has been going wayyy TOO FAST for me right now. I am racing to graduate this year, with only a few units left, which is equal to about 4 more months in College if things go really well. Aside from that, I am an intern at a mental hospital in Mandaluyong thrice a week administering psychological tests and interviewing patients. This week I'm assigned to the Forensic Pavilion, where patients with criminal cases reside. So yeah, good luck to me.

Also another addition to my already hectic life is I work nights at a Call Center specializing in selling after market car parts to customers. Right now, I'm going from 12MN-9AM. Then I got class at 7.30 or 9AM the following morning. So go figure how I'm juggling those things. Haha!

Well, this is just an update. Next post, I'm gonna write about how I got accepted for the job. The good life is not just about partying, good food, awesome acquaintances, or traveling, it's also about figuring out a way to get money and live the good life. It's also about working hard and not just expect money to come your way through your parents or borrowing money. You have to do something which is a product of your dedication and determination, that is either working hard, being good at handling money, or putting up your own business.

Much Love,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baguio: Session Road Is The Place To Be.

At around 5AM, I met up with my two friends in Victory Liner at Cubao. We were "chance passengers", meaning we didn't reserve seats beforehand so we had to line up and wait for slots to open. We left at 5.45AM, fare costs P495 each, which is around $10. Travel time to Baguio is 6 hours, with 2-3 stopovers. One can pay P715 for the Deluxe Trip, with CR inside, without stopovers, it will get you to Baguio in 4 hours.

We arrived at 1PM. We stayed at Miles Home, which was near Good Shepherd. One night costs P1000. The keeper, Nanay Ising, was really nice and strict. If you're looking for a place to crash in at Baguio, this is the place! Since Mines View was near our place, it was the first spot we hit.

There were a lot of shops in the area basically sporting the same goods. Get your supply of cardigans, sweaters, souvenirs, and everything else.

There were a lot of people in the area taking pictures here and there.

A view of the Cordilleras.

I haven't been to the place before but it's not breathtaking as I imagined it to be. I think the Taal was even more amazingly wondrous. According to my friend who practically lives there, the place has drastically changed over the years, with each year an abundance of houses kept sprouting in the foothills.

That night, we went to Session Road, the center and the life of Baguio. There are bars, restaurants, and shops that will have you spending hours in each place. We stayed at Ala Carte Grill & Music Bar where I ate dinner and drank a bit. There was a live band performing, with me having the chance to talk to the singer a bit. Okay not talk, maybe uhm, flirt. He was a really nice guy with a great voice, I wish we could have exchanged numbers. Annyyywaaayyyyyyy..

Crispy Crablets. I don't eat crabs, my friends ordered it.

It is normal for me to eat dinner first before really launching into a liquor-guzzling fest. This Southern Friend Chicken, even if it looks normal, tastes different. Different good. I don't eat veggies either, by the way. Haha!

Jagermeister. Tastes minty and just.. BLURGH! Not my type of liquor.

What I love about Baguio is the weather and how everyone seems laid back. At Baguio, I can approach just about anyone randomly, even when not in a bar. I even got the chance to talk to one of the singers that night. I love the absence of superclubs which paved the way for bars with live bands. Makes you want to have good conversations.

Next up, Breakfast!

Much Love,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Slice Of The Good Life.

I have long been in the pursuit of the good life. My definition of the good life is piles of cash, foods and places to die for, and things that would deem me materialistic. At my age, I'm probably only getting 3% of the good life pie. I probably won't get into a hundred percent but I'm gonna give a shot to every percent.

I hid my other blog for a while cos I've been doing a lot of traveling and food tripping lately and it has been more than awesome. Yes, there is the stench of burnt money every time I pay for transportation or for food that is not worth the pricey bill but I'm glad I took the chance of trying it.

Maybe I could help people in staying away from restaurants or tell people about a great place and whereabouts of great food. Maybe you could also tell me of dishes to try and places that are definitely worth the trip.

I will try to put into detail everything - from costs to quality and everything in between.

Let me show you pictures of scrumptious food and snapshots of paradise.

A taste of the good life.